Arman is a tech company that offers manufacturing plants application solutions, which make manufacturing facilities safer and more efficient.

Arman has vast experience and expertise in designing and creating communication, security and lighting systems for large manufacturing plants.

Based on knowledge and experience, the company’s specialists select cost-effective integrated solutions for executing specific tasks of the customer, their comprehensive implementation and support throughout the life cycle of the systems:

  • Design approach
  • Development of engineering solutions tailor-made for the customer
  • Long cycle of customer relations
  • Supported by in-house resources

We are proud of the reliable partner status of major companies in key branches of industry, which has been confirmed by more than 3000 successfully completed projects and international quality certificates.

The pursuit of constant broadening of technical capabilities and improvement of the quality of our products, as well as the use of cutting-edge business technologies give us an extra competitive edge and enable us to deliver efficient solutions for executing business tasks of our customers.