Equipment manufacturing

Arman has all the necessary resources to manufacture high-quality industrial public address and dispatch communication systems locally.

Each company or office center has its own requirements for dispatch communication equipment. Standard equipment on the market does not always fit every project. Arman offers services on the manufacturing of public address and dispatch communication equipment, which meets customer requirements and modern quality standards. Individually tailored equipment is more functional and efficient and is capable of solving the most complex tasks.

Arman has an engineering and manufacturing center with qualified and experienced staff. The following divisions are operating:
1. Engineering department:
• Design team;
• Circuit design team;
• Software development team;
• Testing team;
• Technical documentation bureau.

2. Manufacturing:
• Planning and dispatching department;
• Manufacturing engineering department;
• Production department;
• System assembly department.

All production stages involve thorough quality control, which enables to offer customers a product with high-performance characteristics and a long service life.

Completed projects

2014 | Транспортный комплекс


Решение: Система диспетчерской связи, система громкого оповещения

2014 | Chemical industry


Solution: Rapid technological communication system for the production of polypropylene; Rapid technological communication system for the production of ethylene. 2014 - Industrial lighting system

2013 | Power industry


Solution: Operational-technological and speakerphone system