Integrated Security Systems

Integrated security systems (ISS) of industrial facilities are automated hierarchical complex systems.

The purpose of the ISS is to provide comprehensive protection of objects from industrial accidents, fires, criminal manifestations, abnormal climatic influences, the effects of natural disasters, and erroneous actions of people.


Integrated Security Systems


In accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents, depending on the purpose of the facility, the following technical subsystems may be part of the ISS:
• dispatching office;
• production and technological control;
• security and alarm systems;
• fire alarm;
• access control and management;
• television / video surveillance and control;
• search and search;
• fire automatics (fire extinguishing, smoke protection, warning, evacuation);
• communication with the facility;
• information security;
• engineering and technical means of physical protection;
• engineering support of the facility:
• electric lighting and power supply;
• gas supply;
• water supply;
• sewage;
• maintaining a microclimate (heat supply, ventilation, air conditioning).

In the event of a threatening or emergency situation, the technical means of the ISS subsystems should provide a service or alarm notification to notify personnel and other people who are at the facility, and if necessary, transmit a notification outside the protected object and receive control commands from outside the protected object.

The following channels are used as channels and means of transmission of service messages in ISS:
• specially laid wire lines;
• dedicated and switched telephone lines of the GTS and internal telephone exchanges of the facility;
• radio and television channels;
• broadcasting networks, power supply networks, fiber-optic and laser equipment.

For the transmission of visual and acoustic information in ISS apply sound and lighting equipment. The composition of the technical subsystems and technical means for designing the KSS is determined in the statement of work.