On April 26, 2020, ARMAN will participate in the Dusseldorf Marathon!


Dusseldorf Marathon has traditionally been held since 2003 in late April or early May in Dusseldorf.

On April 26, 2020, ARMAN will participate in the race.
There are distances: a marathon – 42 kilometers (79 euros) or a half marathon – 21 kilometers (55 euros).
The time limit for a marathon is 6 hours, for a half marathon – 3 hours.

Now we are 13 people:
Yuri Markelov, Ilya Terentyev, Nikolay Vetrov, Igor Lushin, Victor Ryzhev, Vladislav Kuznetsov, Svyatoslav Ushanov, Julia Petrova, Kristina Mukomel, Ksenia Subbotina, Daria Molodyakova, Faina Kramareva, Inessa Khutinaeva.

Guys, join our team! There is time – 3 months to prepare!

You can register by link until 03/31/2020, or before reaching the limit of participants: https://registration.mylaps.com/mmd2020/register

Refreshment and food points, toilets are located every 5 km of the route. Athletes are offered drinking water, isotonic, energy gel, Coca-Cola, fruits, water for wetting sponges. More than 42 music groups play on the marathon track.

Online registration is open until March 31, 2020 or until the limit of participants is reached.
To apply to our team, find out the details, take part in the preparation, write to Yuri Vladimirovich: yu.markelov@arman-engineering.ru