Security and process video surveillance systems

The modern multi-functional systems of industrial video surveillance of the Arman company repeatedly enhance the effectiveness of other elements of the security system, such as access control system and fire alarm. Partnerships with leading global manufacturers of video equipment allow us to create unique solutions that always fully meet customer requirements.

When developing video surveillance systems, not only technological trends are taken into account, but also the real operating conditions, therefore, Arman offers solutions based on analog or IP video cameras, as well as combined solutions.

Security and process video surveillance systems


The video surveillance system at an industrial facility is today a mandatory component. Industrial video surveillance solves a wide range of problems, and also increases the effectiveness of the security system as a whole. Video surveillance serves not only as a security tool, but also is used to control access, take indicators of devices, and can serve as an auxiliary monitoring tool when the presence of a person in a room is impossible.

The Arman company offers both traditional (analog or IP video cameras), and combined solutions that take into account all the wishes of the customer, the features of the facility and current trends in the field of security.

Industrial video surveillance is the key to the success of the entire production. It guarantees timely knowledge of problems at the facility and discipline of employees. In addition, video surveillance has additional advantages: for example, with the help of video cameras, you can track what is happening on a vast territory; cameras can be used, including in extreme conditions, as well as in remote or fragmented areas.