Wireless communication systems

In recent years, the main vector of the development of telecommunication networks in industrial enterprises has been directed towards wireless communications, including radio communication systems.
“Arman” radio communication systems provide employees of the enterprise with wireless mobile radio communications, including in industrial zones, and have opportunities for flexible expansion.

Wireless communication systems


Industrial radio communications is developing and current trends indicate an increase in popularity of a type such as trunking, which allows for almost instant connection establishment, support for group calls and conference calls and has increased cryptographic protection and the ability to conduct secure negotiations. These characteristics help to organize high-quality radio communications at the enterprise with additional capabilities.

Trunking radio communication is designed primarily for professional use – to provide dispatch communications and control at geographically dispersed enterprises, as well as operational communications of security services. The radio communication organized by means of the tapping communication system at the enterprise meets modern requirements for security and reliability, especially if the design and installation are performed in compliance with all the norms and requirements of the customer.

Trunking communication and other types of radio communications for industrial facilities are included in the Arman company’s product portfolio – we offer our customers only proven solutions.