Information on Indian Independence day celebration.

| 02.09.2019

India got Independent as sovereign country on 15th August 1947 and we celebrate this special day by remembering our freedom fighters, martyrs who laid down their life and got India independent from British rule of more than 200 years.

Our day begins by Indian Tricolor Flag hosting at our residences, collectively singing National Anthem followed by National Flag Hosting at 7am at Red Fort, New Delhi by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India (Present Mr. Narendra Modi) and listening to his independence day speech  where he puts up the vision of the Government for the coming years and also highlighting the major policy achievements undertaken by the Government during last year. This ceremony is attended by Political Faternity, foreign Guests and citizens and the event is also live telecasted across the nation.

We as citizens take pride on this day and greet each other with sweets and also put some cultural activities in our societies. This day is also celebrated in schools where the principal gives the speech on the occasion and facilitate the students who have come meritorious in academics and extracurricular activities.

I consider this day as very important in my life as this day by remembering our freedom fighters learn the values of sacrifice, remain committed towards national responsibilities and take out time to teach these values to my children and making an enjoyable day with family by watching Patriotic Hindi Movies.