The service department successfully hosted a demonstration of Armtel and Neumann equipment compatibility for representatives of the Indian company Laraon.

| 17.02.2020

In December 2019, guests from India arrived in Arman – the key system integrator Laraon. Colleagues from Arman prepared a rich program of events. The cherry on the cake of the program was a demonstration of the integration of communication systems of a reliable Russian manufacturer and a German counterpart.

We demonstrated to our partners the integration of equipment for communication systems MDK and DS-6 (German manufacturer jm Neumann Elektronik GmbH) and DCN / IPN (Russian manufacturer of industrial communication equipment Armtel).

Anton Makarov and Andrey Votyakov, our service department engineers prepared and tuned the equipment for integration. Mikhail Pavlov, director of product development accompanied the process, and Yevgeny Kogachev, head of marketing and advertising, recorded the process on video.

How it works?

If you connect Armtel terminal subscriber devices to a German-made switch, the following will work: direct call, group call, playback of recorded fragments, status display (indication) and many other functions.

The system works and vice versa, when connected to the Armtel central, terminal subscriber units jm Neumann Elektronik GmbH function similarly.

Such integration will allow Indian partners to use Russian-made communication equipment in new construction and expansion and modernization. And also strengthen the trade union Russia – India, invest in high technology, and in your calm sleep.

And it’s for us to continue to invest in the economy of our country, to provide customers with quality and reliability, to develop a Russian engineering school and increase the recognition of a Russian manufacturer in the international arena.