Arman is a system integrator, which operates in the field of design and integration of utility systems and communication systems. The company delivers integrated services, including survey and design work in the field of utility and information systems for manufacturing plants.

The Arman Engineering Center combines a technical and knowledge base for delivering projects from development to commissioning of systems. Besides survey and design work, the company provides engineering support at each project stage.

Also unique is the project management expertise of the company's specialists, who utilize elements of the PMBOK international standard in their work. This enables to establish the most efficient communication with the customer, ensures continuous provision of information and makes monitoring easier, which is crucial for system integration.

While many companies in this sector assume only administrative functions, Arman actually delivers the full range of services in industrial system integration.

Консалтинг и аудит промышленных систем связи
Consultancy and audit
проектирование промышленных систем связи
производство оборудования для промышленных систем связи
Equipment manufacturing
управление поставкой промышленных систем связи
Supply management
управление и производство строительно-монтажных работ на промышленных объектах
Management and delivery of construction and installation work
Installation and commissioning works
обучение персонала заказчика
Customer training
сопровождение и эксплуатация промышленных систем связи
Service and support