Presentation of new products of the Arman company

Representatives of major design institutes of St. Petersburg: Gazprom Design, LLC, St. Petersburg branch of Federal Research Institute of Computer Science and Technology Eleron – VNIPIET, Sevzapvnipienergoprom LLC, State Institute of Applied Chemistry FSUE, Lenmorniiproekt JSC, Lenvodokanalproekt JSC ”, Institute Gipronickel LLC, Lengidroproekt JSC, PMP CJSC and many others spent time with interest and benefit in the company of Arman experts.

During the business breakfast, the Senior Product Manager, Sergey Dmitriev, told the guests about the ways to build a complex of communication systems in industrial enterprises, using the capabilities of the new unified communications platform ArmtelICS, and also presented a new line of equipment – intercoms and control panels.

Elena Smirnova, leading engineer of the design and estimate department, shared a report on the specifics of the modernization of the two-way speakerphone system with fellow designers, and Pavel Kotelnikov, engineer of the engineering solutions department, provoked a heated discussion with his report “TOP-10 designers’ mistakes when designing industrial communication systems “.

The business breakfast was completed by Stanislav Osadchiy, representative of the sales department – head of the Chemistry and Petrochemistry department, who spoke about the capabilities and the portfolio of integrator solutions of Arman, the experience of implemented complex projects, and about many years of cooperation with large industrial enterprises of our country.

During the event, Arman guests enjoyed a hearty and healthy breakfast, talked to each other, and shared their experiences.

The event resulted in informal communication, where designers asked personal questions to experts, gave their recommendations on new, interesting areas for cooperation.

July 18 | 09:30
St. Petersburg
st. Sadovaya, d. 39/41
The restaurant "Khochu Kharcho"

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