news | 16.12.2020

Arman provides high-quality crane communication. Please welcome! Crane call station!

News | 02.12.2020

Explosion-proof call station now also via IP!

news | 24.11.2020

Armtel created a new compact module of analog subsystems ACM-IP2.1

Новости | 14.11.2020

Congratulations to colleagues from india on Diwali!

Новости | 02.11.2020

Arman Ltd. – H3C Advanced Certified Partner in Russian Federation

| 14.09.2020

In March, Arman Company successfully launched the loudspeaker and loud notification systems at the facilities of KazTransOil JSC using modern IPN technology.

| 14.09.2020

New product “Smart helmet” in the portfolio of wireless solutions of the Arman company. Expert review.

Новости | 06.05.2020

We have developed catalogs of 3D-models of Armtel speakerphone and warning system equipment

Новости | 29.04.2020

Thermal imagers on guard of health and safety

News | 28.04.2020

“Crisis is a time of opportunity”? RBC asks Alexander Khukhrin answers.

| 17.04.2020

Self-isolation continues, but work in Arman is in full swing!

| 19.03.2020

Arman creates an ecosystem! New Product – UniVoice Unified Voice Services Platform

| 17.02.2020

How “ARMAN” company held a seminar on “current trends in the integration of communication systems, security and electrical equipment” in Chelyabinsk!

| 17.02.2020

On April 26, 2020, ARMAN will participate in the Dusseldorf Marathon!

| 17.02.2020

ARMAN employees at the 51st international marathon “Road of Life”