Installation and commissioning works

Successful installation and commissioning work ensure that systems are in an operational state, are configured, adjusted and ready for long-term operation

The installation of sophisticated equipment should be handled by professionals. Arman offers the full range of commissioning work for utility systems of manufacturing plants and commercial property. Cutting-edge materials and professional equipment are used during the work, which strictly complies with the technology and recommendations of the system manufacturer. This ensures quick launch of the facility, efficiency of the used equipment and long service life of all components.

Arman specialists solve the following tasks during installation and commissioning work:
• Mounting supervision of manufacturing equipment;
• Set-up of systems used, adjustment of operating parameters in accordance with customer requirements;
• Full cycle of commissioning work;
• Commissioning of equipment and preparation of equipment for prolonged operation in various modes.

The peculiarities of manufacturing processes and operating conditions are taken into account on a mandatory basis. This guarantees high quality and compliance with strict international standards for utility systems.

Completed projects

2013 | Chemical industry


Solution: System of operational-technological communication. Propylene storage intermediate storage

2012 | Nuclear complex


Solution: System expansion for 1 and 2 power units, warning system for 3 power units, Operational and technological communication

2012 | Oil and gas industry


Solution: Speakerphone and emergency call system, 1 stage