Masts and lighting poles

Masts and lighting poles

High mast supports

  • Mast with a mobile crown
  • Fixed crown mast
  • Mast with mobile-stationary crown
  • Communication mast


  • Brackets for console lights
  • Brackets for floodlights

Power and non-power supports

  • Non-power flange
  • Power flange
  • Folding flange
  • Power upright

Mortgage Elements

  • Flange type
  • Anchor type
  • Consoles

Masts and lighting poles

For design organizations

  • Providing drawings in a convenient format
  • Calculation of loads on the foundation, strength calculations of the barrel and fasteners
  • Drawings and diagrams of the mechanism for lowering / raising the mobile crown
  • Power supply schemes for equipment of supports and masts
  • Additional placement mast equipment
  • Development of non-standard structures: grillages, fences

For end user

  • СМР or СМР – a guarantee of the correct installation of equipment
  • Formation of installation and maintenance kits