Explosion-proof call station now also via IP!

News | 02.12.2020
Переговорное устройство dwex-ip2

Armtel presented a new unique explosion-proof call station DWEx-IP2 based on IP technology, which can be directly connected, without the use of gateways and converters, to an enterprise’s IP network for organizing PA/GA in IPN and ArmtelICS systems at industrial enterprises.

DWEx-IP2 is designed for operation in explosion hazardous dust and gas environments according to explosion protection labelling “II 2 G Ex db eb Ib IIC T4 Gb” and “II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T135°C Db IP66“. Has explosion-proof categories “explosion-proof equipment”, provides protection type of “flameproof enclosure (d)”, provides protection “increased safety (е)”, provides protection “intrinsically-safe circuit “i” type “ib” and provides protection type of “dust ignition protection type “tD”.

You can learn more about the new IP call station DWEx-IP2  by clicking here

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