Public address systems

The most important condition for taking measures to protect the population in case of threat and natural disasters, major industrial accidents and other emergencies is timely warning systems. The main objective of the public address system, the design and implementation of which is carried out by Arman, is to quickly transmit the necessary messages from the signal source to all the necessary information zones through the loudspeakers located in them. An emergency message can be transmitted automatically (from the storage medium) or semi-automatically (from the dispatcher’s console) mode.

Public address systems


Public address systems occupy a special place among industrial enterprise information systems. The safety of each person depends on a timely warning, for this there is a warning system. In the event of an emergency, centralized, connected to the civil defense and emergency systems, or local public address systems will warn people about what is happening on time.

Notification can be carried out both in one zone and in the required number of zones. The principle of zoning is one of the basic requirements of such complexes, since in emergency situations it is important to notify trained personnel first of all to better follow the instructions received through the public address system.

In addition to the main purpose of sound systems, the design of public address systems takes into account its everyday use. For example, a notification system can serve daily for broadcasting service messages.

In connection with a wide range of functionalities used in public address systems, for each specific object, specialists design alarm systems taking into account all requirements and conditions.