UniVoice Unified Voice Services Platform

UniVoice Unified Voice Services Platform


Unified – combining all voice services into one eco-system

Universal – works with any technology and manufacturers, integrated into the digital enterprise high-level system

Unique – the first solution in the industrial market

UniVoice Unified Voice Services Platform

All subsystems are integrated into the target system through the ArmtelICS server
The main components will be the ArmtelICS integration server and dispatcher jobs

The workplace of the dispatcher is:

  • Client applications for Windows, Linux. For iOS and Android as standalone applications
  • A monitoring system for all nodes included in the target system with the possibility of their centralized management
  • Account control system with various authorization options in the system. For firmware terminals – built-in authentication

The dispatcher’s workplace allows you to:

  • Make calls to all subscribers of the platform
  • Have access to all voice features available to incoming systems
  • Organize group communication sessions between disparate subscribers
  • Trigger alerts to specified zones
  • Display the placement of subscribers on the geo-basis and layouts of objects, including mobile users, according to the signals of the positioning system with the ability to view their current
  • status
  • Provide access to negotiation recording systems

Adjacent systems with which the platform allows integration

UniVoice Unified Voice Services Platform



  • We save your money! Cost savings in design, construction and operation
  • We save your resources! By quickly responding to an incident, we minimize property damage.
  • Everything is already integrated for you! All components of the platform are 100% compatible, issues on the integration of systems among themselves have already been resolved
  • We save your time! Addressing in one window, no need to select vendors yourself