Arman provides high-quality crane communication. Please welcome! Crane call station!

news | 16.12.2020
Крановая связь Арман

Crane communication is a kind of internal radio station designed for communication between crane operators, mobile radio stations with stationary intercoms, as well as a dispatcher. Specifically for this Armtel has developed a new CCS-IP2-CR crane call station.

The device designed for use in crane cabins, but can also be used in control rooms as a small communication console.

The CCS-IP2-CR “gooseneck” microphone allows you to comfortably communicate even at a distance from the device. Using a push-to-talk device or a foot switch to control a call makes it possible to give commands to workers on the ground without being distracted from the crane control.

CCS-IP2-CR works in IP networks and through a Wi-Fi access point (not in supply package) it can be connected to the enterprise network to organize PA/GA and intercom in IPN and ArmtelICS systems.

The device is produced in two versions – wall-mounted and flush-mounted. It also supports redundant Ethernet interfaces with PoE power supply.

CCS-IP2-CR contains four communication buttons to which you can program various functions – direct call, group communication, control of external actuating devices and others. Next to the buttons there are places for installing marking plates to indicate the programmed communication function, it is also possible to turn on the backlighting of the plates for easier reading in the dark.

The embedded CCS-IP2-CR software allows you to organize a completely decentralized system. To build a communication system, only two devices are enough.

You can learn more about the new CCS-IP2-CR Crane in the product catalog by clicking here.