Rational and targeted use of power. New Compact 25W DIN Rail Amplifier

News | 18.01.2021

Armtel presents a 25 W DIN-rail amplifier (AMP25W-DIN) – a device that performs the functions of amplifying an analog signal for its subsequent transmission to a loudspeaker.

The AMP25W-DIN amplifier is used to build systems for loudspeaker operational and technological communication and loud notification in industrial enterprises and transport. Allows you to connect a loudspeaker with a nominal input voltage of 100 V and a power of up to 25 W.

AMP25W-DIN is installed on a 35 mm wide DIN rail in telecommunication racks / cabinets located in control rooms, offices, control rooms and other similar rooms.

Due to its compactness, the AMP25W-DIN is good for use in a situation where it is required to create small-power warning zones and where the use of a standard high-power amplifier leads to an overpayment for unused power of this amplifier. With the AMP25W-DIN, you can create the required zones with the required power point-wise without overpayments.

Another application of the AMP25W-DIN amplifier is to connect the loudspeaker to devices that do not have a built-in amplifier, but have an analog output. For example, using AMP25W-DIN, you can connect a loudspeaker to a compact CCS-IP2 intercom manufactured by Armtel LLC.

Brief technical characteristics of the new 25W DIN-rail amplifier:

Rated output voltage: 100V
Connected speaker power: Up to 25 W
DC amplifier supply voltage range: 36 to 60 V
Maximum current consumption at supply voltage 36/48/60 V, no more: 0.95 / 0.72 / 0.58 A
Weight: 0.92 kg
Overall dimensions: 121 × 80 × 84mm

You can study the new AMP25W-DIN amplifier in more detail and download the documentation for it in the product catalog at the link.