In its activities, Arman Company adheres to the following key principles of socially responsible business:
• Connection with the Company’s development strategy: Arman’s CSR activities contribute to the implementation of the business strategy and are aimed at improving the efficiency and long-term sustainability of the business.
• Compliance with the law: Arman strictly observes the requirements of laws and regulations, industry and ethical standards, contractual and other obligations.
• Consistency and long-term: Arman’s CSR activities are carried out on a systematic and long-term basis with the involvement of APs.
• Regional approach: charity projects are implemented mainly in the regions where the Arman Company is present and contribute to the sustainable development of the Company and the regions.
• Targeted approach: Arman Company adheres to a targeted approach in its activities in the field of CSR, which includes, inter alia, evaluating the effectiveness of ongoing projects and programs.
• Transparency: Arman Company regularly interacts with its APs, takes into account their interests and expectations in the decision-making process