UniVoice - Unified Voice Services Platform

Unified - combining all voice services into one eco-system

Universal - works with any technology and manufacturers, integrated into the digital enterprise high-level system

Unique - the first solution in the industrial market


System integration
for industry

Guaranteed reliability of solutions
for industry, even in the harshest


The unique portfolio of solutions
for various sectors

Many years of experience and execution of the most complex
tasks at industrial and transportation facilities


In-house equipment

As well as the partnership with leading companies
in information technology and cutting-edge solutions


Arman designs information and utility systems and performs installation and maintenance of special-purpose industrial systems. We offer integrated solutions, which meet all standards and requirements.

The understanding of manufacturing processes and experience in implementing projects in the field of industrial communication and safety systems, industrial lighting systems and energy-saving technologies, as well as utility systems for companies in various sectors enable us to not only deliver complex projects according to the customer's requirements, but also develop customised solutions based on the latest trends.

Areas of activity

Unified – combining all voice services into one eco-system

Universal – works with any technology and manufacturers, integrated into the digital enterprise high-level system

Unique – the first solution in the industrial market

More details

The construction of dispatch and technological speakerphone systems is a zone of special competence for Arman specialists with unprecedented experience in this area.

The most important condition for taking measures to protect the population in case of threat and natural disasters, major industrial accidents and other emergencies is timely warning systems.

“Arman” radio communication systems provide employees of the enterprise with wireless radio communications, including in industrial zones


MPLS technology was developed to organize a single data transfer protocol for both circuit-switched and packet-switched applications. MPLS can be used to transmit various types of traffic, including IP packets, ATM cells, SONET / SDH frames, and Ethernet frames.

The modern multi-functional systems of industrial video surveillance of the Arman company repeatedly enhance the effectiveness of other elements of the security system, such as access control system and fire alarm.

Integrated security systems (ISS) of industrial facilities are automated hierarchical complex systems.
The purpose of the ISS is to provide comprehensive protection of objects from industrial accidents, fires, criminal manifestations, abnormal climatic influences, the effects of natural disasters, and erroneous actions of people.

Specialists of the Arman Engineering Center have been covering the largest industrial enterprises in Russia for more than 10 years. The company’s product portfolio includes a wide range of lighting equipment of its own production for use in various industries: in places with critical temperatures, in marine, explosive, chemically aggressive and other environments.

The specialists of the “Arman” company have considerable experience in the field of designing outdoor lighting in the territories of industrial enterprises and transport facilities. Thanks to an extensive range of masts and supports, various types of embedded elements and non-standard metal structures, Arman successfully implements outdoor lighting projects of any complexity.

The company “Arman” offers comprehensive solutions for industrial enterprises in the field of electricity. The company’s product portfolio includes a wide range of cable support systems, as well as support structures. Thus, the Arman company completely covers the needs of enterprises when building infrastructure for laying cable routes.


Arman is a system integrator, which operates, in the unique sector of designing and integration of utility systems and communication systems. The company delivers a range of integrated services, including survey and design work in the field of utility and information systems for manufacturing plants.

Консалтинг и аудит промышленных систем связи
Consultancy and audit
проектирование промышленных систем связи
производство оборудования для промышленных систем связи
Equipment manufacturing
управление поставкой промышленных систем связи
Supply management
управление и производство строительно-монтажных работ на промышленных объектах
Management and delivery of construction-and installation works
Installation and commissioning works
обучение персонала заказчика
Customer training
сопровождение и эксплуатация промышленных систем связи
Service and support


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